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I am of the opinion that PvE and PvP should be kept as separate from each other as possible. To the point where each can be treated as a completely different game from the other.

Imagine how much faster PvE content could be developed and balanced if the developers could tune players and abilities with absolutely no regard to the PvP ramifications.

Imagine how easy it would be to bring frost mages in line with the other specs if they didn’t have to worry about overpowering them in PvP. Or Arms warriors.

Say Ret Paladins are dealing way too much damage in PvP, but are just fine from a PvE standpoint. How do you go about repairing that issue without nerfing PvE damage?

Imagine how easy it would be to solve that issue if nerfing PvP damage didn’t have any effect on raiding paladins.

Imagine all the time and effort currently spent carefully balancing PvE concerns versus PvP concerns. Imagine if, instead of spending hours carefully making sure class X isn’t overpowered in PvP when they receive a slight buff in PvE, they simply buff class X for PvE. (more…)

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