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Just Some Food for Thought

Much has been discussed of the class make-up of the top ten teams on the official arena tournament realms (though nearly every discussion tends to devolve into either DK/Pally bashing or flame fests where the european players call the american players “skill-less cockmonglers”).

You can read the MMO Champion post in it’s entirety here, though really the only important part are these two graphs: the class makeup for the US realms, and the EU realms here.

Nearly every discussion on this comes down to how overpowered Death Knights or Paladins are, and if it doesn’t do that, then the poor players on the US realms get flamed for being FotM imbeciles.

Note: It stands for “Flavour of the Month”.

What many people fail to realize is that standing behind every successful Death Knight there’s a paladin. And not just any paladin, but a Holy paladin. And even then, there’s either a hunter or a warlock standing somewhere nearby, too.

The class(es) in themselves aren’t overpowered. It’s when you combine them with other classes that powerful synergy breaks out and renders that specific composition of classes much more powerful than any of them alone. (more…)

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