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This is me weighing in on Watchmen. Feel free to skip this and feel disappointed if you’re only here for WoW stuff.


So Big Bear posted his thoughts on the Watchmen movie. Check out his perspective as somebody who grew up with the comics in the ’80s.

My perspective is totally different. I wasn’t even alive when the comics came out, and didn’t even read them until last year.

No, I was not one of the people dragged into it by the movie hype, I was dragged into it by a friend who loaned me some of Alan Moore’s work, so I decided to read what else he had written. The guy is a bloody genius.

Bear has already gone into great detail of how Moore works with his characters. The way Moore set up Watchmen was simple. He created a world, created characters, put those characters in the world, and observed what happened.

There was no plot imposed on characters. No story with archetypes and plot devices. Merely his characters existing.

I, for one, really enjoyed the movie, and was pleasantly surprised at how well they managed to keep the ending non-retarded. (more…)

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