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Hilariously Awful

Sometimes you get trapped in a run that turns out to be horrifyingly bad. You tell your friends, and you all have a good laugh about it later.

Ever get trapped in an instance run that’s so bad, it’s hilarious, even while you’re wiping?

Good friend of mine says “looking for DPS and heals for 10man Naxx!” I respond, of course. I haven’t had a chance to wipe endlessly in Naxx this week, so I went for it.

So here’s our group. Me, the token arcane mage. My two awesome buddies, one a feral druid (Sequelhoof) and the other a healy shaman (Oskmo). Both of them are ridiculously competent, have a bajillion alts, and both have a mage alt that outgears me. /sad

Death Knight tank,unfamiliar with the fights, but a fast learner and very good at picking up adds quickly.

Two healy paladins, both well geared and alert.

Two fury warriors, also both well geared and alert.

A DPS DK, reasonable gear, also unfamiliar with the fights. Nearly completely screwed us on Faerlina, but more on that later.

And then the other mage… (more…)

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