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Bacon Bacon Bacon

There is plenty of food to be eaten in WoW. There are sausages, various types of fish, even steak from endangered species.

I’m calling it now, the Shoveltusk are an endangered species. I hate those damn things so much, I make it a point to kill as many of them as possible. And then sell their skins for profit. You think the Tuskar were a little ticked off about that Big Roy thing?

Just wait until they find out about all those Shoveltusk.

Nesingwary has got nothing on me.

(Random update: 80, and kinda freaking out. Things drop that are technically an upgrade, but they have obvious healy stuff on them like mp5. No one else wants them, so I find myself sporting healer stats. I am deeply ashamed.)

There is, strangely enough, only one type of bacon in the game. And that is the Helboar bacon.

Disturbingly enough, it’s only available as a one time quest reward. (more…)

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Fixing Spirit, Part Three

The Marmalade Method

Taking what we have, and discarding it entirely in favour of something else.

Consider warriors, rogues, and death knights. What do these three classes have in common, from a DPS perspective.

If you answered “melee”, you aren’t thinking very hard.

No, I’m talking about infinite resources.

These three classes, if they had a mana pool, would have a little infinity symbol instead of an actual number. These classes don’t have a maximum limit on their DPS resource. They don’t run dry at the four minute mark, or the eight minute mark, or even the eight hour mark.

If need be, one of them could start DPS on Thursday, and still be providing the same level of DPS the following Tuesday. The player might have died by that point, but the class itself would still be going strong.

The idea of an infinite resource is an interesting one. How does one balance a class with a finite resource, like hunters, against a class with infinite resources, like rogues?

Short answer: one doesn’t, because it isn’t possible. (more…)

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Fixing Spirit, Part Two

The Margarine Method

Taking what we have, and warping and changing it beyond recognition. madness

Spirit, at it’s core, is a stat meant for mana regeneration purposes. That’s all it does for mages, it’s what it does for priests of all kinds, it’s what it does for warlocks via Life Tap, it’s what it does for Resto druids. Even moonkin can get some regen from it, if they use Innervate on themselves, the selfish pricks.

What other mechanic do mages have that restores mana?

Master of Elements works very similar to how a Holy Paladin’s Illumination works. Whenever the caster crits, they get back a portion of whatever mana they spent. This has traditionally given Paladins extremely good efficiency.

An option is to do roughly the same thing for mages. Rather than having passive mana regeneration, via Mage Armor and friends, have all mage related mana regeneration based off of crits. (more…)

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Fixing Spirit, Part One

So then. Some ideas and stuff on how to get spirit from something largely annoying and frustrating to something useful.

As was mentioned last time, spirit needs to be beneficial to all mages, regardless of spec.

The Butter Method

Taking what we already have and spreading it around.


One idea is to simply make Arcane Meditation base line. Sort of. (more…)

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Why am I talking about spirit again, you ask?

Several reasons.

First, Blizzard’s almost asinine propensity to putting spirit on nearly all cloth gear. Sure, this makes sense, if every cloth wearing class could make good use of it. Priests and warlocks of all specs, for instance, can make ample use of spirit.

At the very least, a percentage of spirit is turned into spell damage, and then worked into core mechanics from there. Life Tap, anyone?

Mages, then, are the unique one. The only benefit spirit provides is to mana regeneration, and then only when the mage is using glyphed mage armor or has invested at least 18 points into the arcane tree. Preferably all at once.

And… well, actually, that’s it. Just mana regeneration. Albeit a higher percent than other classes get (holy freaking crap 80%?!) it still only caters to a group of mages, rather than all.

That’s the second reason. (more…)

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