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Arena: Basic Philosophy

The important things are always simple

There is no perfect magic trick to winning an arena fight. There isn’t a certain combination of spells that requires a warlock specced exactly 40/0/31, a fury warrior, and the mage trinket from Heroic Whatever that guarantees a win every time.

The advanced strategies are merely the basics, just with macros attached to them.

The simple things are always hard

That isn’t to say it’s easy; not by a long shot. Is it hard? Blimey, of course it is. It’s difficult to pull off a proper CC train. It’s difficult to pull of a target swap at the right time. It’s difficult to counter a CC train. It’s difficult to survive a target swap.

Yet the strategies you need to win, you probably learned before you acquired your first mount. You need only master them. (more…)

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In honour of over 300 posts on this here blog, and in lieu of a good “SPARTAAAAA” joke, I present to you Infinite Trolls, Redux.

Euripedes had been here before. He recognized the sand, the strange dragons in the air, and the odd feeling that he almost knew what was going on, but not quire.

Placing the not so heavy device on the sand, again, he prepared to meet himself. Again.

Past Euripedes appeared, and said, “Dude, I got a haircut.”

Future Euripedes, somewhat annoyed, replied “Hey know. That’s not what you’re supposed to say.”

“Bah! We’ve messed up the timelines something fierce, what harm could there be?”

Future Euripedes sighed. “You know the rules, and so do I.” (more…)

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Weekend Miscellany

How the crap does one play a priest solo? I’m really struggling here to figure out how the crap I’m supposed to solo play a priest.

Shadow spec at the moment, obviously. I’m not going to roll a healer right out of the gates; baby steps, people, baby steps. At least I’m playing a class that can, technically speaking, heal.

The spell rotation I’m working with now goes something like this:

Bubble self. Vampiric Embrace, Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Mind Flay. This is usually enough to kill most mobs.

Where I run into massive amounts of problems is with multiple mobs. Where two mobs come together, either by accident or because they’re linked. Or three, or four. How does a priest deal with that?

As a mage, I don’t even think about it. Polymorph, Frost Nova, or just burn them all down via AoE.

As a priest, I have no reliable CC unless I’m fortunate enough to be fighting Undead, and the only snare I have is fear + Mind Flay. And fear, so far, has only been useful as a way to aggro more mobs. No AoE to speak of.

Does a priest just stand there, grit their teeth, bubble up and hope the mobs die fast enough?

I’m not having too much trouble at the moment, I’m still in my 50’s (no Outland yet), Vampiric Embrace so far is enough to keep me chugging along without having to heal.

What concerns me is all those mobs in Outland. I have nightmares about Hellfire.

If you read or write a blog that can teach me to L2P a priest, feel free to pimp it. (more…)

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Mystery of the Infinite Troll

The device was… strange. By all accounts, it was essentially an elaborate hourglass. A six foot tall elaborate hourglass. And yet, it weighed nearly nothing.

It was simplicity itself to stand the hourglass in the sand. Euripedes could detect the incredible energies surrounding the hourglass, but was unable to decipher what the energy was doing.

He did know that he had just appeared on the other side of the hourglass.

Future Euripedes waved.

Past Euripedes sighed. “I figured that time traveling gnome would do something like this. How’d you get Ogri’la’d into this?”

Future Euripedes shrugged. “Likely the same way you did. I am you, after all.”

Past Euripedes frowned. “You sure? I wouldn’t be caught dead in a yellow cape.”

“It was an upgrade! This stupid yellow cape is better than the crap you’re wearing.”

“I’ll have you know I farmed Heroics for weeks for this!”

“It’s still crap.”

There was an awkward silence. (more…)

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Slow Fall is now castable on others.

It’s time I started a sky diving business.

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Euripedes: Hey Ghostcrawler, we mages haven’t heard anything from you guys in a while. What’s up, man? Back in beta, it was all mages all the time.

Ghostcrawler: Ahh… you know, it’s all these Paladins and Warlocks. It’s… well, you know.

Euripedes: I hear ya, man. Those guys aren’t happy no matter what ya do fer ’em. Still, though, that’s no excuse. C’mon, man, I gave ya biscuits in AV!

Ghostcrawler: Alright alright… how ’bout some stuff about arcane mages? We got some damn good stuff ready to roll out, which should get it back into PvE and tone it down a little in PvP. Alsowenerfedblizzard.

Euripedes: Hey, sounds good. Wait… what was that last part?

Note: All bloggers are good friends with the developers of WoW. ALL of us. If a blogger tells you he/she isn’t, they’re lying through their keyboard.

So if you missed it, there’s finally some mage news on the horizon. Lo and behold, it’s exactly what we thought it was. Arcane gets the fixes we all were waiting for, and Blizzard gets nerfed. Who didn’t see that one coming? (more…)

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I swear I’m getting a post done up about the arcane changes. It’s requiring some math, so it’s taking a while.

The previous sentence was a total lie. I finally broke down, made a Death Knight… and discovered PvP.


I have fallen head over heals in love with Death Knight PvP. Gonna spend some gold for some enchants, and twink the 59 bracket TO THE GROUND.

It’s a Frost Knight, baby. Screw what’s supposedly good for PvP, I am smitten. SMITTEN.

It plays exactly like a frost mage, except backwards. I have snares, I have abilities that require the snares to function correctly, a backwards blink, and even a Counterspell!

Rave rave rave rant rant rant.

So. Yes. I am highly enthused about DK PvP and I will likely spend a lot of time in AB, WSG, and maybe even AV over the following months.

Now if you’ll excuse me, AB just popped, and there’s this druid who promised to be my pocket healer.

PS – I ran into a twink fire mage, and two shotted her (the toon was female, so whatever). I felt bad, so I spent the rest of the BG killing other DK’s as pennance.

If you’re reading this, dear fire mage, I’m sorry. Please don’t stop playing. I’m just a little overpowered right now or something, and I think we can be friends. Just not right now, because you’re in my way.

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How to Play a Mage

Absurdly accurate, this video should be very helpful to those considering picking up a mage as an alt.

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Raiding with Euripedes

This is probably one of the hardest fights in 10-man Naxx. Everyone, say hello to Heigan the Unclean. Y’all get to learn to dance tonight. The mechanics are very simple.

For phase 1, all of the DPS are up on the little platform thing. The tank will be on the floor with the melee, doing a very slow version of the dance. Basically, stay real close to the tank so you don’t get hit by-

Euripedes has died.

Yeah, that. Anyway, once we get to phase two, he will teleport to the platform. Then, the Eruptions start coming fast and hard, so you need to-

Euripedes has died.

… not do what he just did. Remember due to lag, don’t follow behind the tank, that will get you-

Euripedes has died.

Try to run ahead of the tank, then you’ll be safe. Got it? Good. Let’s do this!

Heigan engaged! Good luck!

Teleport in 15 seconds!

Euripedes has died. (more…)

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Behold! For thou hast asked for mine thinks on such subjects as hit, crit and haste. Forsooth! Dost I now bequeath such knowledge upon thee, and so forth.


Spell Hit and the Hit Cap

A little chart:


Outright stolen from WoWWiki.

As a raiding mage, you will need, via gear, talents, raid buffs, whatever, a boost of 17% to your spell hit rating. Most of this will need to come from gear, though not all of it.

You can gain a 3% to spell hit rate from a raid debuff. Moonkin can provide it via Improved Faerie Fire, and Shadow Priests can provide it via Misery. (more…)

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