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What a strange year it’s been.

I celebrated one year of successful blogging this year. You can see the shenanigans here, where I lament about my new found popularity (which has subsided somewhat) and make even more promises I forgot to keep.

I’m a terrible blogger, I really am.

I’ve learned a lot of things about blogging. Things like pictures, formatting, avoid walls of text, that sort of thing.

Here I have to give a massive shoutout to Blog Azeroth. I learned so much from that forum very, very quickly. The only downside was having two search bars on the site for about eight months before I removed the excess one.

Props to TJ, for sending me an e-mail outlining the reasons why I sucked and how to improve the situation. Ok, sucked might not be the word. Terrible? Audaciously horrendous? Mystifyingly craptacularly bad?

One does not argue with TJ. One merely does as she bids, and stands in awe at the magnificence of her correctness.

Bigredkitty linked to me. And then put me in his blogroll. I’m still there somehow. I think he just forgot to remove me. He’s a busy guy, I can let that slide. His about page still says “Um, we’re a hunter. More later.”

It’s said that for over a year now. (more…)

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