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Onyxia has now been solod by every class in the game, except rogues. Whats up, rogues? Come on!

Faxmonkey is only the most famousest mage in the history of WoW. Don’t know who he is? Well, it’s time you learn.

And lo, for Faxmonkey did wake up, and loggeth into his account. Whereupon, being restless, spoke thusly:

“Today… today, I shall kill a dragon.”

Thus spake Faxmonkey, and thus it was done.

You can get the video of his kill here, at Warcraft Movies. The music is very strange. You have been warned.

His talent spec looked like this.

His strategy revolved around how Incanter’s Absorption interacts with Ice Barrier and… you know what? I’ll let him tell you… (more…)

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