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It’s a strange feeling, sleeping for roughly fourteen hours without interruption. I think this is what time travel will be like. The whole family is up and about doing things… and then all of a sudden, the whole family is up and about doing things.


Feeling much better now thank you. Should be able to function in a virtual world again. Though abrupt camera changes (going underwater, suddenly hitting a tree or something that zooms you way the hell in) still causes Operation Vomit. Movies like Cloverfield are right out.

Walking is no longer an issue. Normally. My sense of balance is (to put it nicely) totally frucked up. If I stand up straight and close my eyes, I immediately start tipping to the left in order to compensate for an imbalance that doesn’t exist. Tipping fast. I’m talking my torso is at a 45 degree angle in a second or less.

Don’t worry, I’ve had this several times before. It usually passes in a few days.

One time in Biology class, right at the end of the day, mere minutes before class ended, the room started spinning extremely fast. There was no warning. No compromise. (more…)

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