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There are two version of Brilliance Aura. The WWIII version restored a flat mp5 value to all friendly mana users around the mage. The WoW version (the one Jaina uses) doubles their spirit value.

Both would need to be reworked significantly for use in WoW. The spirit doubling version only severely exacerbates the issue that needs to be fixed in the first place. (Your house is on fire? Here’s a bucket full of gasoline) and severely restricts the classes it would be useful for.

The mp5 version is a little more interesting.

First off, mages have traditionally not been a utility raid class, and you can bet there will be plenty who complain about becoming one.

Mages don’t particularly want to be a utility class in the same vein that, say, shaman and paladins are. Yes, we bring things to a raid other than raw damage (CC, biscuits, portals, an intellect buff, raid wide spell crit), though it’s not nearly to the same level that other classes bring. (more…)

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