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Musings on Achievements

To me, achievements are a way to mark accomplishments for things that are off the beaten track; things that players would normally receive no recognition for.

Traditionally, the only time players ever received recognition for their in-game exploits was via gear and special titles. These were generally reserved for top end raiders and PvP guys.

The achievement system puts in a place that allows players to be recognized for what they do, whether that is raid old school bosses, do a bajillion quests, explore everything, or die repeatedly to Hogger for hours.

In previous years, I never really cared for the holiday stuff. I mean, it was there, and I would usually do some of the stuff to break from the tedium, but I never really paid any attention to them.

With these achievements, now I actually have a reason to do them.

It’s something to do to break up the standard “raid, instance, farm, PvP” cycle, and do something offbeat and strange. (more…)

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