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Also This is Funny

If you haven’t seen this comic yet, I highly recommend it.

And if you already read Awkward Zombie… props to ya. Gamer comics are neat and all, but gamer comics that go off the wall insane for kicks are the best.

Also: to the guy who bombed the Small Egg market on Duskwood… you rock, man. Dropping the going price of an item from 10 gold to 20 silver has got to take some serious effort. Let’s see how long the fruits of your labour last.

And I’m sure y’all have seen it mentioned elsewhere. This new “quick blog” thing or whatever is neat. Now, whenever my brain spews something stupid out, I can put it here! In public!

No more shall posts be well thought out. No mroe wlil splelchekcer be usde. No more shall I make efforts to blog while sober!

This… is a reckoning. A reckingoning (whut) the likes of which hasn’t been seen ever since the first Sparta joke showed up.

It also makes sharing stuff really, really easy.

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Arena: Basic Philosophy

The important things are always simple

There is no perfect magic trick to winning an arena fight. There isn’t a certain combination of spells that requires a warlock specced exactly 40/0/31, a fury warrior, and the mage trinket from Heroic Whatever that guarantees a win every time.

The advanced strategies are merely the basics, just with macros attached to them.

The simple things are always hard

That isn’t to say it’s easy; not by a long shot. Is it hard? Blimey, of course it is. It’s difficult to pull off a proper CC train. It’s difficult to pull of a target swap at the right time. It’s difficult to counter a CC train. It’s difficult to survive a target swap.

Yet the strategies you need to win, you probably learned before you acquired your first mount. You need only master them. (more…)

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