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Weekend Miscellany

How the crap does one play a priest solo? I’m really struggling here to figure out how the crap I’m supposed to solo play a priest.

Shadow spec at the moment, obviously. I’m not going to roll a healer right out of the gates; baby steps, people, baby steps. At least I’m playing a class that can, technically speaking, heal.

The spell rotation I’m working with now goes something like this:

Bubble self. Vampiric Embrace, Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Mind Flay. This is usually enough to kill most mobs.

Where I run into massive amounts of problems is with multiple mobs. Where two mobs come together, either by accident or because they’re linked. Or three, or four. How does a priest deal with that?

As a mage, I don’t even think about it. Polymorph, Frost Nova, or just burn them all down via AoE.

As a priest, I have no reliable CC unless I’m fortunate enough to be fighting Undead, and the only snare I have is fear + Mind Flay. And fear, so far, has only been useful as a way to aggro more mobs. No AoE to speak of.

Does a priest just stand there, grit their teeth, bubble up and hope the mobs die fast enough?

I’m not having too much trouble at the moment, I’m still in my 50’s (no Outland yet), Vampiric Embrace so far is enough to keep me chugging along without having to heal.

What concerns me is all those mobs in Outland. I have nightmares about Hellfire.

If you read or write a blog that can teach me to L2P a priest, feel free to pimp it. (more…)

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