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Mystery of the Infinite Troll

The device was… strange. By all accounts, it was essentially an elaborate hourglass. A six foot tall elaborate hourglass. And yet, it weighed nearly nothing.

It was simplicity itself to stand the hourglass in the sand. Euripedes could detect the incredible energies surrounding the hourglass, but was unable to decipher what the energy was doing.

He did know that he had just appeared on the other side of the hourglass.

Future Euripedes waved.

Past Euripedes sighed. “I figured that time traveling gnome would do something like this. How’d you get Ogri’la’d into this?”

Future Euripedes shrugged. “Likely the same way you did. I am you, after all.”

Past Euripedes frowned. “You sure? I wouldn’t be caught dead in a yellow cape.”

“It was an upgrade! This stupid yellow cape is better than the crap you’re wearing.”

“I’ll have you know I farmed Heroics for weeks for this!”

“It’s still crap.”

There was an awkward silence. (more…)

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Slow Fall is now castable on others.

It’s time I started a sky diving business.

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Euripedes: Hey Ghostcrawler, we mages haven’t heard anything from you guys in a while. What’s up, man? Back in beta, it was all mages all the time.

Ghostcrawler: Ahh… you know, it’s all these Paladins and Warlocks. It’s… well, you know.

Euripedes: I hear ya, man. Those guys aren’t happy no matter what ya do fer ’em. Still, though, that’s no excuse. C’mon, man, I gave ya biscuits in AV!

Ghostcrawler: Alright alright… how ’bout some stuff about arcane mages? We got some damn good stuff ready to roll out, which should get it back into PvE and tone it down a little in PvP. Alsowenerfedblizzard.

Euripedes: Hey, sounds good. Wait… what was that last part?

Note: All bloggers are good friends with the developers of WoW. ALL of us. If a blogger tells you he/she isn’t, they’re lying through their keyboard.

So if you missed it, there’s finally some mage news on the horizon. Lo and behold, it’s exactly what we thought it was. Arcane gets the fixes we all were waiting for, and Blizzard gets nerfed. Who didn’t see that one coming? (more…)

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