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I swear I’m getting a post done up about the arcane changes. It’s requiring some math, so it’s taking a while.

The previous sentence was a total lie. I finally broke down, made a Death Knight… and discovered PvP.


I have fallen head over heals in love with Death Knight PvP. Gonna spend some gold for some enchants, and twink the 59 bracket TO THE GROUND.

It’s a Frost Knight, baby. Screw what’s supposedly good for PvP, I am smitten. SMITTEN.

It plays exactly like a frost mage, except backwards. I have snares, I have abilities that require the snares to function correctly, a backwards blink, and even a Counterspell!

Rave rave rave rant rant rant.

So. Yes. I am highly enthused about DK PvP and I will likely spend a lot of time in AB, WSG, and maybe even AV over the following months.

Now if you’ll excuse me, AB just popped, and there’s this druid who promised to be my pocket healer.

PS – I ran into a twink fire mage, and two shotted her (the toon was female, so whatever). I felt bad, so I spent the rest of the BG killing other DK’s as pennance.

If you’re reading this, dear fire mage, I’m sorry. Please don’t stop playing. I’m just a little overpowered right now or something, and I think we can be friends. Just not right now, because you’re in my way.

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