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Raiding with Euripedes

This is probably one of the hardest fights in 10-man Naxx. Everyone, say hello to Heigan the Unclean. Y’all get to learn to dance tonight. The mechanics are very simple.

For phase 1, all of the DPS are up on the little platform thing. The tank will be on the floor with the melee, doing a very slow version of the dance. Basically, stay real close to the tank so you don’t get hit by-

Euripedes has died.

Yeah, that. Anyway, once we get to phase two, he will teleport to the platform. Then, the Eruptions start coming fast and hard, so you need to-

Euripedes has died.

… not do what he just did. Remember due to lag, don’t follow behind the tank, that will get you-

Euripedes has died.

Try to run ahead of the tank, then you’ll be safe. Got it? Good. Let’s do this!

Heigan engaged! Good luck!

Teleport in 15 seconds!

Euripedes has died. (more…)

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