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Bacon Bacon Bacon

There is plenty of food to be eaten in WoW. There are sausages, various types of fish, even steak from endangered species.

I’m calling it now, the Shoveltusk are an endangered species. I hate those damn things so much, I make it a point to kill as many of them as possible. And then sell their skins for profit. You think the Tuskar were a little ticked off about that Big Roy thing?

Just wait until they find out about all those Shoveltusk.

Nesingwary has got nothing on me.

(Random update: 80, and kinda freaking out. Things drop that are technically an upgrade, but they have obvious healy stuff on them like mp5. No one else wants them, so I find myself sporting healer stats. I am deeply ashamed.)

There is, strangely enough, only one type of bacon in the game. And that is the Helboar bacon.

Disturbingly enough, it’s only available as a one time quest reward. (more…)

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