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Fixing Spirit, Part Three

The Marmalade Method

Taking what we have, and discarding it entirely in favour of something else.

Consider warriors, rogues, and death knights. What do these three classes have in common, from a DPS perspective.

If you answered “melee”, you aren’t thinking very hard.

No, I’m talking about infinite resources.

These three classes, if they had a mana pool, would have a little infinity symbol instead of an actual number. These classes don’t have a maximum limit on their DPS resource. They don’t run dry at the four minute mark, or the eight minute mark, or even the eight hour mark.

If need be, one of them could start DPS on Thursday, and still be providing the same level of DPS the following Tuesday. The player might have died by that point, but the class itself would still be going strong.

The idea of an infinite resource is an interesting one. How does one balance a class with a finite resource, like hunters, against a class with infinite resources, like rogues?

Short answer: one doesn’t, because it isn’t possible. (more…)

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