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Fixing Spirit, Part Two

The Margarine Method

Taking what we have, and warping and changing it beyond recognition. madness

Spirit, at it’s core, is a stat meant for mana regeneration purposes. That’s all it does for mages, it’s what it does for priests of all kinds, it’s what it does for warlocks via Life Tap, it’s what it does for Resto druids. Even moonkin can get some regen from it, if they use Innervate on themselves, the selfish pricks.

What other mechanic do mages have that restores mana?

Master of Elements works very similar to how a Holy Paladin’s Illumination works. Whenever the caster crits, they get back a portion of whatever mana they spent. This has traditionally given Paladins extremely good efficiency.

An option is to do roughly the same thing for mages. Rather than having passive mana regeneration, via Mage Armor and friends, have all mage related mana regeneration based off of crits. (more…)

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