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Like Holy Crap You Guys

I am currently, embroiled in a post, that will probably become a series of posts directed at leveling and new mages in general. Those of you who’ve been around long enough may remember these as the “Magecraft” guides. They’re being heavily revamped, updated, and renovated.

I almost feel guilty about releasing all these posts about talents and new specs right as patch 3.0.$ hit. I’ve been averaging about a thousand unique hits AN HOUR for the past week; with nearly all of those going straight to Build-a-Mage and the detailed talent guides.

Lookie here. I even made it onto the WordPress “Top 100 posts” of the day, for October 19th.

I’m number 54, somehow shoved between a guy raving about Naruto and some other french dude yelling about some sort of financial crisis.

Out of the 100 top wordpress posts in the entire world, 4 of them are WoW blogs specifically related to patch 3.0.$, so I guess it’s not really that big of a deal.

But still.

A thousand hits per hour.

What the hell do I look like, an oracle? I’m just some guy from Canadia. There’s no way there’s this many people reading this.

Therefore, the only other option is a few hundred guys constantly refreshing my site or using an F5 bot or something.

Either way, really damn creepy.



This blog is now OFFICIALLY over a year old. Somehow. And people, inexplicably, still read it.

The first post went live on October 14th, 2007… and one year later, Blizzard released a patch called “Echoes of Doom”, and ever since, every server has been bent over backwards and kicked in the test tickles by a rhinoceros.

Also, Warlocks were nerfed.

Oh, Blizzard, you shouldn’t have! You’re making me blush!

Best. Birthday Present. EVER.

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With the live realms screaming obscenities and refusing to sell me ice cream, at least Blizzard has the foresight to keep the Beta realms up and running. So what’s there left to do on the Beta?

Why, chain cast stuff on Target Dummies and run random instances, of course!

The mage I’m using is what we would refer to today as a fresh T4 geared character; about an even split in blues and epics. These tests were done without any support. No moonkins, no shaman, no Curse of Elements, nothing. Just me and my buffs alone.

Deep Fire with Arcane Support

  • 1551 spell power
  • 31.19% fire critical strike chance (base 22.19%)

The spec: 18/53/0 (see link for example)

How it works!


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It’s been one helluva rough week so far. Respecs every couple of hours just to try stuff out; mods and UIs to get up and running, or replace; an all new achievement system that seems to be a major hit; massive amounts of PvP to be had to get used to the new balances; and servers crashing or lagging left and right!

Duskwood is kaput. Again. Oh well.

At least I managed to kill the damn Fel Reaver before the server went down.

Special props to the three alliance guys who joined in with gusto. Sorry about the NPC’s slaughtering you when the Fel Reaver blew up. It’s not my fault, I swear. It’s just… y’know, orcs are like that.

Didn’t get my key though. Server went kablooie en route to the blacksmith guy…

I’d love to chat about the mutilated, cancerous face of PvP, but the servers can’t stay up long enough for me to do much but flail around and get some random achievements.

Speaking of which, let’s try a poll. Never made a poll before.

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Build-a-Mage – Can We Fix It?

Sadly, there is little I can tell you about “end game” builds for 70.

With the new main nukes (you have visited the mage trainer and picked up your new ranks for arcane missiles, fireball and frosbolt, right?) the massive nerf to all raid encounters, and the fact that our trees are being balanced around having 71 talent points to spend…

Well. To put it simply, it doesn’t matter a whole bunch where you decide to toss your talent points. 61 points into frost? Sure! Go right ahead! Stick with 30/31? Why not? What could possibly go wrong?

I can tell you, though, that the following specs look like a laugh riot and a half to try out… (more…)

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Two Server Restarts Later…

I’d laugh, if the extra time I have because of this wasn’t letting me hunt down addons. As it stands, over 95% of my interface was either completely destroyed or buggered by this patch.

You know the old adage on patch day… log in, load your out of date addons and see what breaks? Well. EVERYTHING BROKE.

Also: Who messed with my swim animation? I look like a spastic frog…

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Whatever Wednesday

It’s Whatever Wednesday! The day where I post whatever the heck happens to be on my mind!

Graphical improvements everywhere I bother to look. The Flying Machine finally has a bunch of smoke pouring from it’s exhaust pipes. Environmentally friendly, it is not. The new shadow engine is AWESOME. It even works when on a flying mount. You can look way, way down, and see your shadow… as you fall to the solid ground… Damn it…

Guide to getting the “Going Down?” Achievement!

This achievement asks you to fall 65 yards without dying. Hop onto your flying mount, hold the space bar for a little while, then dismiss the mount. Right before you hit the ground, hit Ice Block, and there you go! Free achievement!

Using Blink does not work. By it’s mechanics, Blink actually resets your fall distance, so it cannot be used for this achievement. By the same token, Slow Fall doesn’t count as “falling”. Sorry, you gotta use Ice Block.


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What follows is a complete analysis to all of the talents in the frost tree. Each talent will be discussed from a Raiding (PvE), Leveling, and PvP standpoint, and finally, given a rating on the following scale:

  • Must have
  • Solid
  • Okay
  • Poor
  • Skip it

All talent descriptions are assuming you have the maximized talent. (more…)

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