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Supposedly, if my notoriously unreliable sources are correct, there was a  Blog Azeroth shared topic about… well, what I just  said. What will YOU be doing come Wrath Day?

First, actually buying the game. That will be important. Unsure if I’m going to go to a midnight thingy or not. Maybe.

Second, installing/patching and so forth… hopefully there won’t be too much of that. I’ve been on the beta for some time now, maybe that counts? My entire UI has been revamped and is fully usable in Wrath, so at least I don’t need to do that.

And then… let the leveling begin. I won’t be moving lightning fast, there’s no “ARGH MUST GET TO 80!!” drive here. I mean, c’mon, I’ve already played a Death Knight to 74 on the beta, I think I can afford to take the time to dick around a bit now. (more…)

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