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Like Holy Crap You Guys

I am currently, embroiled in a post, that will probably become a series of posts directed at leveling and new mages in general. Those of you who’ve been around long enough may remember these as the “Magecraft” guides. They’re being heavily revamped, updated, and renovated.

I almost feel guilty about releasing all these posts about talents and new specs right as patch 3.0.$ hit. I’ve been averaging about a thousand unique hits AN HOUR for the past week; with nearly all of those going straight to Build-a-Mage and the detailed talent guides.

Lookie here. I even made it onto the WordPress “Top 100 posts” of the day, for October 19th.

I’m number 54, somehow shoved between a guy raving about Naruto and some other french dude yelling about some sort of financial crisis.

Out of the 100 top wordpress posts in the entire world, 4 of them are WoW blogs specifically related to patch 3.0.$, so I guess it’s not really that big of a deal.

But still.

A thousand hits per hour.

What the hell do I look like, an oracle? I’m just some guy from Canadia. There’s no way there’s this many people reading this.

Therefore, the only other option is a few hundred guys constantly refreshing my site or using an F5 bot or something.

Either way, really damn creepy.



This blog is now OFFICIALLY over a year old. Somehow. And people, inexplicably, still read it.

The first post went live on October 14th, 2007… and one year later, Blizzard released a patch called “Echoes of Doom”, and ever since, every server has been bent over backwards and kicked in the test tickles by a rhinoceros.

Also, Warlocks were nerfed.

Oh, Blizzard, you shouldn’t have! You’re making me blush!

Best. Birthday Present. EVER.

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