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It’s been one helluva rough week so far. Respecs every couple of hours just to try stuff out; mods and UIs to get up and running, or replace; an all new achievement system that seems to be a major hit; massive amounts of PvP to be had to get used to the new balances; and servers crashing or lagging left and right!

Duskwood is kaput. Again. Oh well.

At least I managed to kill the damn Fel Reaver before the server went down.

Special props to the three alliance guys who joined in with gusto. Sorry about the NPC’s slaughtering you when the Fel Reaver blew up. It’s not my fault, I swear. It’s just… y’know, orcs are like that.

Didn’t get my key though. Server went kablooie en route to the blacksmith guy…

I’d love to chat about the mutilated, cancerous face of PvP, but the servers can’t stay up long enough for me to do much but flail around and get some random achievements.

Speaking of which, let’s try a poll. Never made a poll before.

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