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A combination of sudden illness (fever, stuffy nose, massive amounts of green goop leaking from places I’ve never even heard of) and Thanksgiving weekend (family, stuffy aunts, massive amounts of green goop leaking from strange foods I’ve never even heard of) has resulted in not a lot of time to write.

Currently, I’m walking on what I thought was going to be a brief guide on the talents. Yes, walking. Not jogging. Friggin’ hate jogging. If there’s one thing I’m going to do with my time, it’s dress up like a moron and stupidly run around as the sun rises.

There really needs to be a text prompt for sarcasm. Something like [sarcasm] This is a great idea [/sarcasm] would work.

So this guide on the new talents of 3.0 and beyond has transformed into a very long trilogy. The Arcane one is finished, clocking in at over 2700 words. I expect the other two will be just as long.

Gonna spend some time trying to put in some pictures to break up that wall of… nah, friggin’ SKYSCRAPER of text. I’m thinking along the lines of a guy squinting for Arcane Concentration, and a firing squad that’s glowing for some reason for Arcane Barrage.

Beware, dear fans, for I am on drugs. And these things amuse me

If you’ll excuse me, one of my cousins was just hit in the face with a lamp.

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