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Pillowy Softness

I'm not sure where this whole "dog" thing started.

One of the biggest issues the “pure” DPS classes seem to concern themselves with are classes that are able to perform both DPS and some other role, if geared and specced for it.

The Purist types, i.e. mages and rogues, take the statement “jack of all trades” as a law written in stone, rather than a turn of phrase that describes the class conveniently.

Mages and Boomkins, for instance. The argument goes that because the boomkin is capable of tanking, healing, or even doing melee DPS if he so wished is a perfecttly valid reason for the mage to always perform better in a ranged DPS role.

After all, the mage can only perform the one role, so logically the mage should be better at it than any hybrid could hope to be. (more…)

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