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Blizzard, being the company they are, are removing a substantial number of things from their game that I can only think of as archaic systems.

One such system was banning people on PvE servers from transferring to PvP servers. This restriction has now been removed, and, of course, plenty of players are in an uproar.

The general consensus seems to be that a player could level his character, gank free, then transfer over to a PvP server and thus never actually participate in the negative side of an actual PvP server.

In other words, dodging the gank.

Quite a few seem upset that Blizzard is effectively selling people the ability to “cheat” their way onto a PvP server, and thus, have a severely unfair advantage when they are actually on the PvP server.

This thinking is completely backwards. (more…)

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M&M; Us Versus Them, Druid Edition

Ahh, druids. Instant cast heals and near immunity to every form of control a mage provides. What’s not to love?


  • — Typically specced either deep restoration, or a balance/restoration hybrid. Most druids also place 11 points into the feral true for Bear Counterspell.
  • — Invented the dreaded “pillar hump”.
  • — Able to shape shift out of any crowd control a mage has. Roots, slows, polymorph…
  • — Most heals are instant cast, i.e. Lifebloom, and thus cannot be counterspelled.
  • — Immune to polymorph while shape shifted.
  • — Nature’s Swiftness (3 minute cooldown) = Presence of Mind for druids. Usually used for an instant Healing Touch.
  • — Cyclone, a powerful crowd control ability that renders the target immune to everything, including heals (any over time abilities continue to count down, but without effect). Cyclone cannot be dispelled or removed by anything except a PvP trinket. Not even Ice Block works.
  • — Seemingly have extremely deep mana pools. Impossible to run completely OOM, even worse for dreamstate druids. (more…)
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    Input Wanted!

    Need some input from my loyal readers.

    With Rash of the Itch King looming, the whole purpose to doing posts about current level PvP has largely become moot. Anything I write will become largely invalidated in a few months, thus largely defeating the purpose of writing a guide for it.

    And even then, with all the talents and so forth being released early, a hefty chunk of said guides would need to be completely rewritten based on the new talents.

    I mean, when I talk about druids, for example, I say that the only viable control you have over them is Counterspell. Any slows or snares (or polymorph) are largely useless.

    However, Deep Freeze is perfectly viable against druids, and adds a whole new dimension to fighting that class.

    It just seems largely pointless to waste my time, and y’alls time, by writing mass guides and strategies to stuff that will be rendered obsolete in a matter of weeks.

    So I pose the question to you.

    Is there a point?

    Also related to this. A while back there was an idea for “Where the WoW is Euripedes?” involving me dancing on various corpses in various places in the world.

    Again related to the release of LK, should I hold off on filming to get in Northrend locations as well, or film the locations that are currently available, and merely add in the Northrend content when it’s there?

    It’d be neat if I could just decide these things and that’s that, but this blog is almost as much about you guys as it is about me.


    I still reserve the right to suddenly start blogging about science fiction movies.

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    New Racials?

    Some racials being shuffled around in Wrath…

    That was a pun, you know. ‘Cause trolls are getting a little something called “The Voodoo Shuffle”, which reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 15%.

    That’s neat.

    But what’s really exciting is this:

    Racial “The Fall of Humanity” Feign Death which may trick enemies into not attacking you.

    I can’t stop laughing.

    No really.

    I’m not joking.

    I just… this…

    I mean…

    I’m trying to come up with something to say here…


    Just laugh.

    I’ll be in my corner doing the Voodoo Shuffle.

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    It’s 5:30am.

    I’m eating a cupcake. It is delicious.

    If you see any comments out there from somebody named “Basil”? That’s me. This will only show up on blogger blogs… uhm, blogspot blogger blogs, as I now use my google account for that. Yes, that would be the criticalqq@gmail.com one. Just an eff why eye, so as to avoid any confusion.


    Got it? It’s simple math, people. Get it? Simple math? Sum? I seriously need to get a laugh track for this blog… (more…)

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    Hulk Factor

    I’m not talking mad, or frustrated, I’m talking right FURIOUS, spittle flying from my lips as angered jibberish and blasphemy pours from my face. I’m talking rage hot enough to boil lobsters from yards away.

    This is… Hulk Factor.

    People who go to various WoW forums and post crap like “ONLY 60 DAYS TO WAR”

    Ok. We get it already. Warhammer is an MMO. And it’s coming out. And it’s going to be good. Y’all said the exact same thing about Hellgate London. It sucked. You said the same thing about Tabula Rasa. It sucked. You said the same thing about Age of Conan. It sucked.

    You said the same thing about LOTR Online and… it didn’t suck. Not really. It was WoW for the serious crowd.

    I personally didn’t like it; it felt exactly like WoW but devoid of robot chickens and rocket launchers. That, and the UI was stifling at best.

    So I can concede that yea, it’s entirely possible Warhammer will be an awesome game. But will it be better than WoW? Not a chance in hell. Sure, if you like it more, go for it.

    Just stop coming to our forums and beating on a game we all know and love (except for you, apparently), and try to promote a game you haven’t played. You look like an idiot.

    Hulk Factor: *grumble* morons… (more…)

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    Paranoid? Who Says I’m Paranoid?

    I know I am. And generally always have been. Often cripplingly so.


    I never use Internet Explorer, for anything. Firefox all the way.

    I use the Noscript addon, and very, very few scripts are allowed. Not even sitemeter.com is allowed. And the ones I do allow are usually set with a temporary allowance.

    I use not one, but two key scramblers. One for general purpose typing (yes, what you’re reading right now went through a key scrambler), and the other for passwords (including in-game passwords).

    I use the full privoxy/foxyproxy package for every single site I visit, in addition to always running TOR.

    All of my passwords are complicated, but easily so. I don’t use thos massive 24-character shenanigans, my passwords are in the 8-10 digit area. Toughish to crack, but still easy enough to remember. Something like:


    And yes, that is a genuine password I used for my WoW account. (more…)

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    As has been discussed in this blog before, Mages are the closest equivalent the Azeroth landscape has to to nearly insane quantum scientists.

    In the “real world”, there are scientists who’s life ambition is to accelerate a proton to the speed of light, and then smash it into another proton, also traveling at the speed of light, in a head on collision. Why? To see what happens, of course.

    And so it is with mages. Sure, there are a few who do this arcaney stuff for the betterment of mankind (or trollkind, gnomekind, whatever), and some who do it for the sake of power. The former, however, usually find themselves becoming priests, and the latter, warlocks.

    So what happens when mages get a little bit carried away?

    Why, the end of everything! (more…)

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