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AV Isn’t Dead Yet!

So last night, I hopped into AV, expecting a standard mindless zerg.

There is, after all, that trinket that costs 40k honour that everyone is trying to get.

I join in a couple minutes late, cursing as I ran out the door… trapped in front of an alliance zerg. Great. Just great.

Check the map… about 10 on defence duty. Not much, but more sizeable than most.

Bahwoo bahwooooo! There goes Iceblood… and Tower Point…

Le sigh. Try to slip past the alliance zerging through Iceblood. I die. Le cry.

Rez at… Iceblood? Really? What happened to the zerg?

Well, wouldja look at that. We recapped Iceblood Tower… and Tower Point! And Snowfall? And now there’s 30 Horde eager to kill everything between them and Vanndar between out pitiful little defence and a bunch of angry Alliance.

See, most alliance right now accept the zerg pattern of AV as fact, and see no alternative to playing it that way. (more…)

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So why do people continue to play battlegrounds, not enjoy, not participate, yet spend literally hours on them?

Well, as I’ve said before, they do it for currency. Whatever attitude they have, the fact is, they need to and want to be arena viable. That means they have to have the best gear available to them, and since the gear upgrades every single season, they need to do the same.

Which means that these people who only want to do arenas are forced to do hours upon hours of battlegrounds in order to get the honour they need for new boots, bracers, a shiny new belt, and accessories.

This isn’t their fault. I am a very firm believer that people should not have to do things they don’t especially… well, want to do.

Unfortunately, in order to be truly competitive, they don’t have a choice in the matter.

And thusly, we arrive at my one true complaint with World of Warcraft.

If you want raid gear, you go raiding to get this gear. The better gear you have, the better you perform in a raiding environment. A warrior in tier 4 gear won’t perform as well in BT as a warrior in tier 6 gear.

Same holds true for arenas. Sort of. (more…)

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My PvP is Bigger than Yours, Part II

We’ve all met these people. I can say with 100% certainty that we’ve all met a Noob, and that most of us have met a “Pro”… but you probably didn’t notice the “Pro”.

By their very nature, Noobs are loud and obvious. Easy to spot, easy to remember, and we all stop stories about their antics.

“Pro”s, on the other hand, are much harder to spot. Come into an AB a few minutes after it’s started, run past farm/stables and see a stealthed rogue there, seemingly guarding it, and you breathe a sigh of relief. Some other poor guy’s on watchdog duty, you can happily go kill things. And hey, he’s got S3 shoulders to boot, he knows his stuff.

More likely than not, that guy’s off making a sandwich.

“Pro”s standing around at an objective doing nothing is the reason why terms like “afk cap” exist.

It’s all in the attitude.

There are two schools of thought that a “Pro” follows. The first was highlighted last post, the whole “why try?” thing. A large number of people take it to the next level, “battlegrounds aren’t real PvP anyways”.

… huh? (more…)

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Aptly Named

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My PvP is Bigger than Yours, Part I

Following up on the “battlegrounds are full of idiots” thing.


Why is it that the majority of people in battlegrounds are either intentionally or unintentionally being idiots?

The way I see it, there are four demographics of your modern BG dweller:

  • THE NOOB – they show up in the battleground, wearing greens/blues, or “welfare” (gigglesnort) epics, and demonstrate a complete lack of skill in their class and the tactical skill of a cucumber.
  • THE “PRO” – they show up in the battleground, sporting current season/last season gear and act like the Noob. Quite often worse, as the Noob actually does things (albeit badly or wrong), the “Pro” does nothing.
  • THE ENTHUSIAST – they show up in the battleground, sporting anywhere from random greens to current season arena gear. They generally have a high number of honourable kills as these people have been involved in PvP for a very, very long time. These people don’t mind much whether they win or lose, they just want a good fight.

Now, to apply these practically. (more…)

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Damplify Magic

First, go read this over at Pink Pigtail Inn. If you’ve already read that, great! It’ll save me some ‘splainin.

I’m going to get a little more mathy here, at least in concept.

Thing about Amp/Damp magic is that the increase in damage only affects spells/heals that have a coefficient attached to them. The increase/decrease effect is treated just like any other + healing or + damage effect.

For example, if you’ve got Dampen Magic up and another mage casts a spell at you, his spell damage is treated 120 points below what it would normally be. If he has 890 spell damage, when he casts a spell it you, it’s damage is calculated as if he had 770 spell damage.

Regardless of the spell. Meaning, that the increase/decrease in damage follows the rules of coefficients.

If you have amplify magic up on yourself, and a Paladin casts Holy Light on you, the healing that spell does is not increased by exactly 240.

Holy Light has a coefficient of 71.43%, meaning that 71.43% of 240 will apply to the heal.

Remember that this number doesn’t apply to the spells directly, not really; it merely changes the spellpower value of whoever casted that last spell appropriately, in a mathematical sense.

Now, what’s interesting is when I throw various mobs or bosses into that equation. (more…)

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Illidan: Bloody premades!

Illidan has left Black Temple.

Black Temple closes in 2 minutes.

Hey, I thought it was a good joke. I even thought it was funny enough to type into /bg while in Alterac Valley. Horde was losing, I figured our side could use a little levity.

Instead, I got called out for role playing. To quote:

Take your [expletive delete] roleplay somewhere else

And various other comments along those lines, most lacking this level of correct spelling and capitalization. I guess nobody found it funny? (more…)

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