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My PvP is Bigger than Yours, Part I

Following up on the “battlegrounds are full of idiots” thing.


Why is it that the majority of people in battlegrounds are either intentionally or unintentionally being idiots?

The way I see it, there are four demographics of your modern BG dweller:

  • THE NOOB – they show up in the battleground, wearing greens/blues, or “welfare” (gigglesnort) epics, and demonstrate a complete lack of skill in their class and the tactical skill of a cucumber.
  • THE “PRO” – they show up in the battleground, sporting current season/last season gear and act like the Noob. Quite often worse, as the Noob actually does things (albeit badly or wrong), the “Pro” does nothing.
  • THE ENTHUSIAST – they show up in the battleground, sporting anywhere from random greens to current season arena gear. They generally have a high number of honourable kills as these people have been involved in PvP for a very, very long time. These people don’t mind much whether they win or lose, they just want a good fight.

Now, to apply these practically. (more…)

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Damplify Magic

First, go read this over at Pink Pigtail Inn. If you’ve already read that, great! It’ll save me some ‘splainin.

I’m going to get a little more mathy here, at least in concept.

Thing about Amp/Damp magic is that the increase in damage only affects spells/heals that have a coefficient attached to them. The increase/decrease effect is treated just like any other + healing or + damage effect.

For example, if you’ve got Dampen Magic up and another mage casts a spell at you, his spell damage is treated 120 points below what it would normally be. If he has 890 spell damage, when he casts a spell it you, it’s damage is calculated as if he had 770 spell damage.

Regardless of the spell. Meaning, that the increase/decrease in damage follows the rules of coefficients.

If you have amplify magic up on yourself, and a Paladin casts Holy Light on you, the healing that spell does is not increased by exactly 240.

Holy Light has a coefficient of 71.43%, meaning that 71.43% of 240 will apply to the heal.

Remember that this number doesn’t apply to the spells directly, not really; it merely changes the spellpower value of whoever casted that last spell appropriately, in a mathematical sense.

Now, what’s interesting is when I throw various mobs or bosses into that equation. (more…)

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Illidan: Bloody premades!

Illidan has left Black Temple.

Black Temple closes in 2 minutes.

Hey, I thought it was a good joke. I even thought it was funny enough to type into /bg while in Alterac Valley. Horde was losing, I figured our side could use a little levity.

Instead, I got called out for role playing. To quote:

Take your [expletive delete] roleplay somewhere else

And various other comments along those lines, most lacking this level of correct spelling and capitalization. I guess nobody found it funny? (more…)

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The Death of Rank One

Please keep in mind that this post revolves mainly around PvE. This change and its impact on PvE mages is nonexistent.

So the developers over at WoW central have decided that downranking spells is a bad thing, and have amalgamated everything to cost a percent of base mana, rather than having different mana costs per rank.

Obviously there are differing opinions on it, so here’s mine.

Removing the ability to use rank 1 spells at a cheaper cost will destroy a mage’s utility in PvP.


Any arguments to this simply do not understand the way a mage functions in PvP.

It’s certainly possible that PvP will change, rendering my current frame of mind that this is a massive nerf to be irrelevant. It’s quite possible that things like snares, crowd control and dispel protection will no longer matter in level 80 PvP.

Somehow I doubt that. (more…)

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M&M; The Pain Train

“The Pain Train” is a slang phrase that, roughly translated, means “everybody dies”.

Ever been in one of those Warsong Gulch games where the opposing team simply storm up the field, kill everybody, grab the flag, and storm back the way they came?

That’s a pain train.

Pain Train Jermaine, as photographed by Brandon Voges.

The idea of the pain train in an arena setting is a simplistic one: pick a dude on the other team, and then kill him. And then kill his friends!

The execution of this is, understandably, slightly more complicated.

When the gates open, your team and whatever team you’re going up against are immediately figuring out which guy on the other team you should attempt to kill first. At least you should be. Which target you decide will be your kill target will be completely on a situational basis. (more…)

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Magely Ideas For Achievements

I have yet to see reports of any class specific achievements for Rash of the Itch King, so in the same spirit as the clever Negative Achievements, I present to you my entirely egotistical ideas for mage related achievements.

ORLY? Spellsteal Blessing of Protection from a Paladin while the Paladin is attempting to heal himself.

WTF LAG! Spellsteal Ice Block or Divine Protection from a mage or paladin, respectively.

Sheep Fetish. Polymorph yourself.


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Just Thought I’d Share This

This was posted on the mage forums just recently, and I have to say, this is one of the best trolls I have seen in quite some time. Man, some good laughs here. Anyways, without further ado:

First off let me get things straight, I don’t care about any insults you have towards me, I know what I am talking about. I have personal experience with mages, and I don’t see why every mage in at least kara gear is not 2.2k already. To be honest its sad.

First off, for all you mages who are fire or arcane, stop reading now, those are terribad specs for arena. You must go 0/17/43 for improved counterspell. Most mages I know are just not very good, they will try to counterspell an aimed shot, as opposed to something better like revive pet. Many mages complain about a felhunters pet counterspell, kill it, then you wont have to worry, spellsteel feld dom.

Good mages will know what I am talking about. Crowd control is key, frost nova your targets so they cant get away when you try to polymoprh them. Spam frostbolt, it does a ton of damage, too much really. Get a rogue and faceroll your way to 2k. If a melee is beating on you throw up mana shield andblast wave to get away. Blink across the map. If he tries to spell reflect, just ice lance.

Mages should never lose to any class 1v1.
Hunters-Just CC the pet, and frostbolt the hunter right next to him
pallies- counterspell heals, spellsteal bleso f freedom and sac. spam frostbolt
warlocks, cc pet, kill lock, easy as that.
other mages, counterspell frost spells and use frost ward.
priests, los mana burns, spam frostbolt
warriors, spam frostbolt they will be too slow to get to u
rogues, same as wars
druids, poly them while they are in human form and pyroblast

Good mages can hit 2k easy in a day, no questions asked. ALl these scrub mages are always complaining on the forums about how underpowered they are, i whisted for a cab and when it came nearthe license plate said fresh and had dice in the mirror if anything i could say that this cab was rare
but i thought nah, forget it yo home to bel-air

Now, what’s truly funny about this? There were quite a few replies to this that took it seriously.

C’mon, people! BELAIR.

Maybe it was before there time.

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Outrageous Guild Applications

Yet another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic. This one should be good for some giggles.

The first two are from the former raiding guild, Anathema. The last one is from somewhere I don’t remember, yet still think rather amusing and fitting.

What is your interest in joining Anathema?

guild raid for skill stuff lots

Tell us about how you are currently specced.

i go both ways

Please briefly describe what roles your class plays in raiding content based off of your current talent build.


What is your current guild/server?

[Deleted] / dskwd

Reasons for leaving your current guild/server?

they sucj

Can you make our 10pm->1am Monday->Thursday time slot for raids?

on most days except sometimes when i cant

What year were you born?


How did you hear about Anathema?

mostly through see at capital people in trade chat think u good (more…)

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I found myself in dire need of a good RPG game, preferably a sci-fi adventure. Something along the lines of KotOR would be perfect. Well hey, says I, why not Mass Effect? Same people, same general idea.

Mass Effect was great. Definitely 9/10 material. It had a couple small issues, but what game doesn’t?

Anyway, point is, quests were marked with a Yellow Exclamation Mark.

What? Again?

In a sci-fi RPG with sniper rifles, powerful empires, and mighty starships, the people I need to speak with to finish up quests are marked with a great big !.

There’s really nobody to blame here but whoever first decided that putting in the YEM was the perfect idea to grab a player’s attention. (more…)

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