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AV Isn’t Dead Yet!

So last night, I hopped into AV, expecting a standard mindless zerg.

There is, after all, that trinket that costs 40k honour that everyone is trying to get.

I join in a couple minutes late, cursing as I ran out the door… trapped in front of an alliance zerg. Great. Just great.

Check the map… about 10 on defence duty. Not much, but more sizeable than most.

Bahwoo bahwooooo! There goes Iceblood… and Tower Point…

Le sigh. Try to slip past the alliance zerging through Iceblood. I die. Le cry.

Rez at… Iceblood? Really? What happened to the zerg?

Well, wouldja look at that. We recapped Iceblood Tower… and Tower Point! And Snowfall? And now there’s 30 Horde eager to kill everything between them and Vanndar between out pitiful little defence and a bunch of angry Alliance.

See, most alliance right now accept the zerg pattern of AV as fact, and see no alternative to playing it that way. (more…)

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