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My PvP is Bigger than Yours, Part I

Following up on the “battlegrounds are full of idiots” thing.


Why is it that the majority of people in battlegrounds are either intentionally or unintentionally being idiots?

The way I see it, there are four demographics of your modern BG dweller:

  • THE NOOB – they show up in the battleground, wearing greens/blues, or “welfare” (gigglesnort) epics, and demonstrate a complete lack of skill in their class and the tactical skill of a cucumber.
  • THE “PRO” – they show up in the battleground, sporting current season/last season gear and act like the Noob. Quite often worse, as the Noob actually does things (albeit badly or wrong), the “Pro” does nothing.
  • THE ENTHUSIAST – they show up in the battleground, sporting anywhere from random greens to current season arena gear. They generally have a high number of honourable kills as these people have been involved in PvP for a very, very long time. These people don’t mind much whether they win or lose, they just want a good fight.

Now, to apply these practically. (more…)

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