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Damplify Magic

First, go read this over at Pink Pigtail Inn. If you’ve already read that, great! It’ll save me some ‘splainin.

I’m going to get a little more mathy here, at least in concept.

Thing about Amp/Damp magic is that the increase in damage only affects spells/heals that have a coefficient attached to them. The increase/decrease effect is treated just like any other + healing or + damage effect.

For example, if you’ve got Dampen Magic up and another mage casts a spell at you, his spell damage is treated 120 points below what it would normally be. If he has 890 spell damage, when he casts a spell it you, it’s damage is calculated as if he had 770 spell damage.

Regardless of the spell. Meaning, that the increase/decrease in damage follows the rules of coefficients.

If you have amplify magic up on yourself, and a Paladin casts Holy Light on you, the healing that spell does is not increased by exactly 240.

Holy Light has a coefficient of 71.43%, meaning that 71.43% of 240 will apply to the heal.

Remember that this number doesn’t apply to the spells directly, not really; it merely changes the spellpower value of whoever casted that last spell appropriately, in a mathematical sense.

Now, what’s interesting is when I throw various mobs or bosses into that equation. (more…)

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