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Had some trouble recently where I was attempting to post blog posts, but for some reason they were only viewable by me. No, they weren’t flagged as private only or anything like that.

They just weren’t showing up for anybody except me.

Heh, for a while there, I thought the whole miscarriage thing had caused all of y’all to lose your monocles into your Malaysian wine glasses filled with expensive spring water.

With a mighty yell of “My word!” my readership count dropped to zero. I’ll admit, I freaked.

“Did I go too far with that dead baby thing? Oh man, I knew I should have gone with the kindergarten fire joke instead.”


That’s all behind us now. Back to your regular scheduled programming.

So I got to do Illidan a few days ago. Never actually killed him, but at least I got to be there. It was fun, I had a blast, even if we kept wiping to the exact same thing over and over again. Stupid tank kept getting Sheared and then everybody died. (more…)

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Test Test





Stick a kodo into a large bag.

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