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On Burnout

See, this is why I try to avoid blogging about Wrath of the Snitch King.

So many massive changes all the time, it’s impossible to really place… well, anything.

Take fire.

A mere week ago, it was the weakest mage tree.

Three days ago, it was a horrendously bad tree filled with awful talents.

And now it’s pretty damn good.

So here’s an example of why you shouldn’t take anything too seriously coming out of the Beta.

Burnout. Wow. This talent has gone from hated to loved.

5 point talent, increases your critical strike damage bonus with fire spells by 25% (meaning, of course, that fire has the most powerful crits, mage wise, by a large lead).

It also used to cost you an additional 5% of your total mana every single time you critted.

Yes, that’s right, if Scorch critted 4 times, that’s a fifth of your mana pool gone. Just like that. (more…)


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