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Alrighty, Arcane It Up

Today I’m going to talk about Arcane. This blog has been depressingly devoid of arcane knowledge, and I mean to remedy that before Rash of the Itch King goes live.

So. Arcane. A tree that through the ages can best be described as “wonky”. A tree that, more than anything else, leaves one with both an impression of sheer awesome and utter bewilderment. A tree that can make you say “YEAH! AWESOME!” and a split second later “Huh? What the hell was that?”.

It’s a tree where you the end tree talent could just as easily be “Arcane Rage – instantly kills your enemy and all of their loved ones” or “Epic Slow Fall – while under the effects of Slow Fall, you throw feathers at your enemies, causing them to be delighted or annoyed, depending on race.”

The history of arcane is a… strange one. Way, way back, long before Burning Crusade, there really wasn’t such thing as “arcane mages”, because the tree simply was not capable of standing on it’s own. Arcane was nothing more than a support tree for either fire or frost. Both of those trees were far superior in both PvE and PvP.

It’s key talents were Evocation (yes, you read that right), the ability to make Arcane Explosion instant cast, and the silence effect for Improved Counterspell (thankfully, some things do stay the same) and of course the always awesome Presence of Mind and Arcane Power.

But things have changed, oh how they have changed. Arcane Blast, it’s safe to say, changed everything. (more…)


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