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M&M; Shatter


Don’t hesitate! Call in now, and for just $15.99 a month, killing innocent animals in strange places can be THIS FUN for you too!

*WARNING: May cause death and diarrhea. (more…)


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Last post was not meant to be combative or argumentative, it was meant to illustrate the fallacy of believing that DPS is any easier than some other archetype.

As I stated then, it is really easy to be a terrible DPS player. You can get to level 70 as a DPS class with no knowledge of anything without much difficulty. You can play a rogue, and stack feral druid gear because you think Strength is the shiznit. You can play a hunter, never train or feed your pets, and stack spirit gear; you’ll be fine!

However. (more…)

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Boy Howdy, DPS is Shoor Hard

DPS is easy. All you do is sit there and spam two or three buttons, and watch shiny numbers show up on your screen.

It takes no skill.

DPS is easy, it’s low stress, and you don’t even have to pay attention to what you’re doing. So you could watch TV and raid or something.


Well. Almost all.

We do watch shiny numbers show up on our screens. That is true.

But the rest of it is LIES. Borderline HERESY.

Dare I say… BLASPHEMY? (more…)

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