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A Quick Thank You

A while back, ReNoobed over at… well, ReNoobed, asked me to do up an article on Spirit and how it effects mana regen for mages.

This seemed like the perfect idea for a blog post, other than the mind boggling terror that came with “How the HELL am I supposed to figure this damn thing out!”

Enter a Healy druid with far too much math.

This Mana Regeneration Calculator that Phaelia over at Resto4Life has saved me from certain suicide.

The ability to simply punch in values, push a button, and !BAM! results, has been invaluable.


From the bottom of my somewhat shallow and callous heart, thank you.


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Hi, My Name is Euripedes

And I am an addict.

*Pause for effect*

I first tried it at 17, but… it just didn’t feel right to me, then. It hurt, I got nowhere, and all the little gnomes laughed at me.

I… tried it again at 29, succumbing to peer pressure. And… it was fun. I had fun. I wasn’t the best, but I was far from the worst. I wasn’t addicted, but it was fun, and I spent a lot of time doing it.

By 39… I was addicted. I would log in, and immediately queue up. And then I’d play. For hours. I had no real choice in the matter, to be honest.

And it’s continued. Thousands upon thousands of kills later, I’m still here. I may be 70 now, but I haven’t even slowed. Nay, I have, in fact, sped up.

I… I… *awkward pause* (more…)

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