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I Have Had Enough!

Stop coming to me and complaining about Warlocks.

You want to know what I think?

Warlocks are not overpowered.


There. I said it.

I play a mage and I think warlocks are NOT overpowered.

STOP complaining about it. STOP whining about it. Or, if you absolutely MUST cry about how warlocks stomp your face, go to the WoW forums and do it. At least nobody will listen to you there.

Ok, so you say they out damage you in raids. Wanna know why? Curse of Shadows. Increases shadow damage taken from all sources by 10%. Put a Shadow Priest in the raid. Hey look, another debuff that increases shadow damage taken from all sources by 10%.

So that’s 20% extra damage that you, as a mage, get no part of.

And that’s fine! I agree with that! No problem! This is what we call “class synergy”. It’s when a class does something that benefits another class in some way. I’m sure you’re familiar with this concept. (more…)


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