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Serious Face

The biggest reason why my more serious posts take longer to write is the simple fact that I take them more seriously.

See? Look how serious I’m being. I am SERIOUS about being serious. You cannot seriously expect me to be serious all the time, but when I am serious, I a SERIOUS. Hell, my favourite Harry Potter character was Sirius.

Seriously though, random somewhat silly posts like these I can whip up in twenty minutes, spew out onto the internet, and watch as it sits there, reeking of mediocrity and attracting flies and older men.

But these posts. The ones with in game pictures. The ones that are lengthy. The ones designed to be linked for many months to come as a guide meant to educate. Those ones need to be good. They need to be edited correctly. They need to be pretty, easy (ish) to extract information from.

There are, and will be, people who come looking at these guides with their serious face on.

I could easily write a guide on how to DPS as fire in a raid (enchant your staff with fiery, stack spirit everywhere, and then go to town in melee) and then these poor suckers on the internet come by, taking in what I say, and they either throw their hands in the air “GAWD everyone’s a joker! Where the hell is some solid info when you need it?!” or believe me, and then get mocked in game for being incredibly stupid.

Probably I will mock them.

Readers come here with their Serious Face on.

It’s only fair that I come here with my Serious Face on.

And with that in mind, I think I should really come up with a “proper” update day. Something like “every Monday and Thursday, expect to see a beautiful, perfectly serious post in this space” and all the other days I can mash my face into the keyboard and do whatever it is I please.

Ok. I’m going to try this out.

Starting this Thursday, Monday and Thursday are SERIOUS POST DAYS.

Let’s seriously hope I don’t go postal.

Oh god, I’m so sorry. That even hurt to type, let alone read.


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