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Anger at Things in Specific

I’m changing my titling scheme back to this. At first, I thought the all words starting in caps was cool. But it got annoying. And ALL CAPS JUST MADE ME SEEM LOUD AND PRETENTIOUS.

So I’m doing it this way.

So I have an issue with chat programs hating me. The hatred that everything from MSN to AIM to Pidgin exhibits towards me is… unanticipated. If I knew software and me were such enemies, I would have happily downloaded that trojan I was e-mailed four days ago.

Then we’d see whose the boss around here, oh YES.

Years ago, I attempted to use MSN messenger for all my messaging purposes, and it consistently showed up on my desktop in suspicious clothing with various lubricants. I tried to get along with it, I really did, but it was like befriending that guy that you just KNOW has wireless cameras set up in women’s washrooms.

I mean, he’s a nice guy and all… maybe… but you never, ever want to converse with him for longer than 30 seconds, if that. And absolutely never, ever shake his hand. (more…)


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