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You MUST See This

Road To Blizzcon.

I dunno if it’s just me, but this comic is dreadful. Absolutely terrible. Horrifying, even.

Dreadfully… AWESOME! Terribly… AWESOME! Horrifyingly… AWESOME!

Judging by the number of votes they have on their poll already, I suspect a fair amount of the people out here in the blogosphere have already found out this wacky comic, but man…

If you haven’t read it yet, do so. It’ll hurt like a Kidney Shot, but it’ll be far, far funnier than having a vital organ stabbed by someone.


It would appear Kestrel’s Aerie has a post up about the exact same thing. Serves me right for not checking my feeds before posting something.


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What with his e-mail overflowing with messages from juju knows who, I’ll be posting here my thought processes behind constructing a raid with the groups he has.

It should provide insight into how I think, I think.

Shadow priests? No shadow priests. Crap. No shadow priests. Well, what do we got?

We gots us some warlocks, we gots us some mages, a pair of balance druids, some healers, some tanks, some hunters. Well. Let’s see what we can do.

  • Group 1 – Tank ’em
  • Group 2 – Spank ’em… from a distance
  • Group 3 – Spank ’em… from behind
  • Group 4 – Heal ’em
  • Group 5 – Where the off specs go to cry

Tanks. We got a pair of prot warriors and a prot pally. These three can be lumped together just fine. We have fire aura mobs! Therefore fire damage! Therefore, we’re going to need some fire protection in here, mostly for the Paladin. He can’t run his own fire resistance aura, he’s going to need retribution aura. So we either need a shaman in here, or another Paladin. Definitely cannot put a boomkin in this group, so if we go with Paladin, he’ll be out 5% crit. Shaman? (more…)

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