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Things That Are Awesome

I checked out the twisted nether wiki, and tooked a look at the list of blogs. Yikes, there’s a lot of us buggers out there in the blogosph… THAT WAS JUST THE GENERAL BLOGS?!?! GAAAAAAAAAH!!

Ok. That’s a lot of blogs. How the hell am I supposed to read all those? Oh well. Let’s hope the majority of them are accessible from work. Heh, I just found out how to run firefox from an external drive, which neatly bypasses all security because it was all designed for internet explorer… this company I work for really isn’t that intelligent.

Also, it would appear we have a critical lack of shaman blogs.

OLIVETA. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND BLOG, DAMMIT! There’s like, 8 shammy blogs out there. EIGHT! Not even a two digit number! (more…)


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