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And she is what makes the “We” in my last post. I am not sure how I missed giving her the shout out she deserves. Mayhaps it has to do with writing the blog post at five in the morning.

Still. No excuses.

Blog posts speak louder than words.

No wait. Uhm.

Text… speaks louder than… ahh, bugger it.

For those of you who still remember the history of yours truly, I was in a guild called “Lost Cause” from about late level 40-ish to level cap. This guild was led by “Oliveta“, shammy extraordinaire and one of the coolest people I know.

And hey. She, or her elemental, have tanked bosses all the way from that overweight two headed ogre guy to the end boss of Old Hillsbrad. Seemingly whenever the actual tank (usually a Prot Pally) failed, there was Oli, leaping to the rescue.

I guess it’s kind of a waddle. But a threatening one.

We also shared our very first Tier 5 raiding instance together, and we happily wiped on Hydross for hours! it was so much fun.

On a more specific note, the last blog post came almost entirely from a late night conversation between us.

Hence my chagrin at why a shout out wasn’t included.

Oh, and it gets better.

Oli was also the one who encouraged me to even do up this blog.

Everyone should go over to her site here and demand she update her blog. After all, without Oli’s influence, there wouldn’t even BE a Critical QQ.

/sheepish grin

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