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Due in no small part to the Engineer class in Team Fortress 2, I have decided that engineering is the only respectable profession one can take.

Alchemists? Pfffff, crazy old coots. Leatherworking? Bah, boring! Tailoring is for the wimminz. I’ll take a pass on Skinning, thats messy. Mining? Try “sudden death”.

But engineering now… that’s epic. Sure, it’s messy, but that mess was caused by EXPLOSIONS! Who needs potions when you can inject mana right into your veins! If you aren’t convinced yet, maybe this little list will help you out.

  • The Rofflecopter. It’s only the most awesome flying mount that has ever existed. Ever. Not even gigantic zeppelins with Nazi flags on them can compete.
  • The aforementioned mana injectors. They’re like mana potions. One slight disappointment here… the animation is exactly the same as a regular potion. So no needle to the arm stuff going on…
  • Belt of Cheat Death. A bubble that absorbs 4k damage? Yessir, I’d love that sir.
  • Chance of failure on pretty much every engineering item out there. I fail to see how somethign backfiring in a way that can only be described as “awesome” is a bad thing. What we need is a Scottish guy yelling.
  • Rocket Launcher. Need I say more? Actually, yes, yes I do. Land Mines.
  • Annihilator Holo-gogs. Otherwise known as “The best caster headpiece in the entire game”.
  • The ability to rez. Being a mage, this has always seemed so damn cool to me.
  • Sheep that explode.
  • Field Repair Bots! So not only can I act as a hearthstone for the raid and give them all food and water, but I can also repair all their gear, too! Wait a sec…
  • Trolls look dead sexy in goggles.

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