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A Disturbing Trend

Ever since 2.3, I have noticed an incredible spike in the number of idiots playing hunters.

I’m sorry, BRK, but this has to be said.

Fact: Hunter is the easiest class to pick up and play, requiring no skill to do random stuff.

Fact: Hunter is the most difficult class to master, requiring outrageously high amounts of skill, foresight, and situational awareness to perform well in any group scenario.

Anyone who disagrees with this is a moron.

But this is a mage blog, isn’t it? So why am I posting about hunters?

Quite bluntly, the idiot huntards won’t leave me alone. And most importantly, they are posting incessantly on the forums, arguing about how powerful mages are, blah blah blah. And most of them don’t have a damn clue.

[quote]in any raid I have been in, 10 man or 25 man, I either top, or stay near the top of the damage meters. I absolutly love the total disrespect that hunters get just because of the stereotype that bad players give us. Raid with a good hunter, you might discover you were wrong in your misconceptions of the Hunter. And yes, hunters are easy to level and do general pve grinding and such on, but it takes a good hunter to be a meaningful contribution to a raid.[/quote]

— Proellum, [The Silver Hammer], Cenarion Circle

People like this are smart, intelligent, and have knowledge of their class and others.

[quote]Just shut the hell up you stupid idiot noob douche bag. Your a stupid used tampon, you smell and your ugly, plaese shut the hell up you stupid idiot crap face. You suck, your mom sucks, and your dad sucks. you are scum, the worst kinda scum, when scum eats horse crap and then craps that out – even lower scum comes along and eats that crap and then thats crapped out — THATS WHAT YOU EAT you stupid idot douche bag, SHUT THE HELL UP.[/quote]

— Night Elf Hunter, from Argent Dawn (name withheld to protect the innocent)

People like this should be taken out back, and quietly shot and disposed of.

Anyways, this whole thing is about the classic “hunters versus mages” thing, primarily in PvP.

Basically, this matchup comes down to who can pump the other with the most amount of damage in under 10 seconds. Hunter’s attacks do physical damage, and hence are practically designed to kill squishy cloth-wearing classes. Toss in a pet, and some specific anti-caster abilities, and hunters can quickly become the bane of a mages existence.
On the other hand, a mage can simply rely on instant attacks and deal out a devastating amount of damage through things like fireblast and frost nova/ice lance. Like any other class, a mage can end a hunter very quickly this way.
Get two skilled players against each other, and it is a swift and brutal fight. Could easily go either way, but hell, there is going to be bloodshed.

But then we have a noob mage posting about how OP hunters are. And guess who comes by? Idiot hunters.

[quote]i’ve played on my friend’s frost mage against my own hunter and was able to kill the pet with a few icelances and a fireblast, then all the was left was killing the hunter, with no pet he couldn’t BW so i sheeped him and eat and drank back to full health[/quote]

1) A couple Ice Lances and a fire blast will do about 2k damage, assuming all 3 crit. This wouldn’t even kill a level 40 marksman’s hunter. If the mage rooted the pet first, then you’re simply a moron because you didn’t pop Big Red.

2) Grats! You sheeped the hunter, and then somehow left combat, while the hunter was still sheeped, and ate/drank for 30 seconds while the hunter didn’t bother to break a 10 second polymorph that for some reason lasted 30 seconds.

Odd that said BM hunter didn’t bother trying to use Beast Within until after the pet died. Mayhaps you need to L2P?

[quote]LOL…you are just making stuff up. Invisibility…LOL!!! [/quote]

I highly recommend you level to 70 before arguing about mage vs hunter in any meaningful manner. At the very least, look the spell up on wowwiki.

Some other helpful facts about Mages:

  1. Fireblast has a cooldown. Even specced for it, it’s 6.5 seconds.
  2. Not all mages have Ice Barrier, just most of them.
  3. Ice Lance does not hit for 2k damage on un-frozen targets.
  4. A Beastial Wrathed pet cannot be sheeped.
  5. Frostbolt has a cast time.
  6. Polymorph has a cast time.
  7. Fireball has a cast time.
  8. Pyroblast has a cast time.
  9. Presence of Mind is a 21 point talent. In the Arcane tree. Its the one on the left.
  10. Mages are not immune to Scattershot.

To those hunters who know what they’re doing.

Thank you. Now, if you could get your moron friends to stay away from me, I might stop the QQ about hunters.

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