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Today we’re going to talk about spell haste, and interject every now and then with a random phrase in German.

Like so!

Ich möchte essen kinder kuh.


Spell Haste then.

It is a mechanic that effects the cast time of any given spell. For example, a 3 second fireball. If we have some spell haste, it will cast faster, taking less time to do the exact same effect. For example, we can reduce fireball to 2.8 seconds, or 2.1 seconds, depending on how much spell haste we have.

To put it quite bluntly, spell haste is an incredibly useful stat and you should kill all who stand between you and spell haste.

Think of it like spell hit. It is incredibly useful, as point by point, it provides a greater increase in DPS than the other spell stats.
Up until it gets capped, anyways. (more…)

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Welcome to 2008

Year of the internet-not-working-so-I-can’t-do-shit.

Seriously, no internet is full of epic suck.

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