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$15 A Month

It comes with raiding guilds. It just does.
It’s called drama.
Where people freak out, yell things on Vent, and TYPE THINGS IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

There is no avoiding it.

Anathema downed Lurker last night. Again. It took several tries before it went well, and on the second last attempt there were some pretty big freakouts.
A couple people flipped about people not getting their asses in gear, blah blah blah, and just generally getting mad at other people in the raid for not holding up their end.
Then there was the following response:

This is a typical response to many of the people who complain about people not doing their job.

It is just a game. It is meant to be played. Have fun, enjoy what you’re doing, don’t flip out because a mage forgot to polymorph so and so, or a rogue pressed the Envenom button too early and ate a stormstrike that the elemental shaman was supposed to have.

And so on.

You have some valid points there. It really is a game. You really are supposed to have fun here. You’re paying $15 or so per month to play, so enjoy every minute of it, amiright?

But you’re forgetting something.

This is WoW. World of Warcraft. It is not an RPG, it is an MMO. A Massive. Multiplayer. Online. RPG.

You know what that means?

That you are not the only person here paying $15 a month. There are at least 24 other people around you paying the same thing.

See that orc up front in the heavy armor? He’s paying $15 a month to get the stuffing knocked out of him by everything from giant ogres to oversized jellyfish who shoot lasers from their eyes. Why does he do this? Why does he pay $15 a month to get shitkicked repeatedly? So everyone can have fun and enjoy awesome loots.
See that little troll at the back? The sexy one in the tight fitting dress? She’s paying $15 a month to keep everyone else alive. When the orc in heavy armor gets hit, she’s there to save his life. When something goes wrong, when some crazy ass naga goes around bitchslapping warlocks, she’s there. Why does she do this? Why does she pay $15 a month to live a high stress job of any wipe being initially blamed on her? So everyone can have fun and enjoy awesome loots.
See that Tauren at the back there? the big guy with the giant tiger named “Fluffles”? He’s paying $15 a month to shoot arrows into the bad guys. When the bad guys die, the tank stops getting bashed. When the bad guys die, the healers don’t have to heal anymore. He’s paying $15 a month because its damn fun to kill stuff.
To quote Shatha: “When I’m having fun, I want to kill stuff. When I kill stuff, I’m having fun.”
That Tauren, he’s here for murder.

So explain to me the logic that this is a game and you can do whatever. Explain that.

If you’re a tank, and you bust out a 2H weapon, and die, and then everyone else dies, you just wasted everyone else’s time. Everyone else does’t think its hilarious to watch a tank get one-shotted. You may have enjoyed your $15, but everyone else did not enjoy their $360.

If you’re a healer, and you start trying to DPS, then everyone else dies. The tank dies, the other healers die, and you die. Again, you just wasted everyone else’s time and money. Their $360 a month, wasted because you wanted to have fun with your $15.

If you’re a damage dealer, do the job right. Don’t pull aggro. Do your job, and hurt the enemy. Do your crowd control properly. Everyone goes home happier, and you don’t waste anyones time. Pulling aggro at the beginning of a fight with a 4k crit is NOT your job! Do it near the end, where you don’t put everyone at risk by pulling aggro from the tank.

Learn your job. Do it well. Don’t be an asshole. There is at least $375 a month at stake here, play it like you mean it.
And everyone, not just you, can have fun. And there will be phat lewtz for all.


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