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The Ultimate Raid

Sure, you may have cleared Serpentshrine Cavern. You may have beaten the Eye, finished Hyjal, and even managed to take down Illidan himself.
But are you ready?

Are you ready for the ULTIMATE test of your mettle, your abilities to withstand such incredible and chaotic forces, and yet still maintain control and do your job?

I am, of course, talking about the World of Warcraft Forums.

The official WoW forums are known to cause serious injury to ones ability to think coherently, and have been proven to cause a loss of all basic motor skills.

Here are some Gems of comments I found from the Mage forums. Whether they are said in all seriousness, or as a joke, well, take a guess! That makes it so much more fun!

  • Make ice block able to crit!
  • in a world where a zombie can summon and then launch bolts of ice from their hands, gravity is the least you have to worry about. (In response to someone suggesting that Ice block should be able to crush someone if the mage uses it while above them)
  • You mean this level 62 Paladin didn’t hit 2500 in every bracket and then come post about it in the mage forums? (It was a keylogger)
  • I could macro a Nintendo controller to play a 23/38 lock to maximum efficiency.
  • Did anyone actually read my post? (to which the response was) silly bunny, this is the mage forums! no one ever reads well thought out posts!
  • Oh pray do tell, how long does your CoC last ?
  • I swear, she told me she was 18!

Ehhh, not much of a post. But I laughed.

And its my blog. So whatever.

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