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A Spartan way of Life


Fire in PvP.

I’ve been specced fire on the Public Realms for a couple weeks now, and I feel it is only fair that I provide a somewhat more in-depth analysis of how it plays out at 70.

Well…. where to start?

The first thing you notice is that the damage you can unleash on hapless foes is… ridiculously high.
Like, we’re talking I three-shotted a fellow mage in Arathi Basin. With fireball, fireblast, and Dragon’s Breath.
We’re talking I fight a rogue, and they pop sprint and run for it. To slow them down, I hit Dragon’s Breath… which outright kills them.
We’re talking a fireball/fireblast combo that drops a hunter from 100% life to 20%.
We’re talking sheeping a warrior, killing the paladin in 6 seconds, then slaughtering the warrior in another 8.
We’re talking a stalemate on the alliance bridge in AV, where a bunch of hunters/healers are bunched there holding off the entire horde offensive. And Blastwave/Dragon’s Breath scattering them like flax. And netting me over 20k damage done in 3 seconds.

If that isn’t a good enough idea, it’s effortless to top the damage charts when you’re in the game. The damage fire dishes out is at an unholy level, and I found myself the #1 kill target within minutes of each fight.
In a Warsong Gulch, I fought middle with a warrior and a holy priest. 66 honorable kills later, the alliance stopped trying to attack us. Needless to say, I was top of the damage meter, beating the number two slot by… get this… 202k damage.
I was even responsible for killing 5 alliance flag carriers, who made the fatal error of trying to “Go Tun”.

Quite simply put, Fire is devastatingly power of you leave the mage alone for 2 seconds or longer. And even then, it still kicks ass.

Also, sheeping something and getting off a full-cast Pyroblast is an incredibly evil and fun thing to do. Especially when it drops half their health in a non-crit. L2Trinket, imo.

The second thing you learn is that you are incredibly squishy. Like, we’re talking three shotted by a dual-weilding warrior squishy.
A geared Season 2 Warrior killed me in under 4 seconds.
That’s how squishy a fire mage in PvP is.

But to be fair, we have better survivability than arcane mages, because Dragon’s Breath, quite simply, is a godly spell. About 1k damage on non crits that stuns for 3 seconds? AND it’s an AoE?
I fully support renaming it “Summon Warlock” because it can be that devastating. It can shut down 5 or 6 healers at once, and do enough damage to them that they won’t be healing anyone else for a while… or ever.
As fire, there is no end to how badly you can fuck with a healer. First off, you have a ton of damage. Then, every fire spell you cast has a 10% chance to stun. Third, you have a ton of damage. Second… err… fourth, you have a spell that interrupts, stuns, has a chance to stun more, and does more damage. Oh, yeah, and Counterspell, which prevents any healing spells from being cast for 8 seconds.
Now, go find a Holy Priest. Make it your bitch.
Paladins are also acceptable. Please be sure to Spellsteal Blessing of Freedom and Frost Nova the hapless Paladin.

The tl;dr version: Dragon’s Breath is a sadistic spell, that causes emotional anguish among anyone and everyone who gets struck with it. Used properly, it’s like an AoE deathcoil with a twenty second cooldown.
Used wrong, you look stupid.

A critical problem with any non-frost build is the lack of a certian reliable crowd-control breaker.
Every mage has access to Blink and (unless you suck) a trinket. That gives every mage two reliable ways to break things like fear and stunlocks. But… thats not enough.
What if you need blink to escape Intercept? What if you escape Kidney Shot with it, but then find yourself Blinded seconds later? Hmm? What then?
Quite simply, to be better able to survive this highly unfortunate situations, you want, nay, NEED to have a third reliable stun-key (opposite of stun-lock… get it? Oh, I’m so classy!).
And that skill, that tool, is the godly Ice Block.
Damn, I’m like a priest for that ability.
I should go form the church of Ice Block or something.

I cannot believe how incredibly awesome that ability is.

And I am finding hard to believe how I survived without it.





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