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My buff! MINE!

Top Ten list of the coolest things that I’e done because of spell steal.

10. Blessing of Freedom from a Paladin, and then watched in amusement as a Warrior hit me with hamstring 4 times with Hamstring. I can only imagine his utter confusion as “Immune” kept popping up on his screen. Poor guy.

9. Snagging Ice Barrier from a mage… that just spellstole it from me a couple seconds ago.

8. Nature’s Swiftness from a Shaman. What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

7. I first found out about a warlock’s Fel Armor (it is called Fel Armor, right?) when I spellstole it in AB. Warlocks have an armor they can fire up to increase spell damage by 100? What the crap? I want that! So I had it for 2 minutes. And bloody hell, I want it all the time! What a godly buff…

6. In what I presume was a very strange glitch, I spellstole Shadowform off a Priest. Say what you like, the fact was, I had shadowform for 2 minutes, and the priest in front of me changed from a dark glowy elf to a plain old elf.

5. While fighting a warlock, he sacrificed his precious Voidwalker to gain enough time to get a Felpuppy out. I spellstole it, counter-spelled the summon, and wiped the floor with him. I love making gnomes cry. I really, really do.

4. Fighting a Discipline priest, and spellstealing Pain Suppression. I’m pretty sure I caused that little dwarf to cry himself to sleep… Oddly enough, spellsteal seems to snag this buff almost every time a priest casts it.

3. In a 2v2 arena, I was against a Warrior/priest combo. When the warrior rushed at me, I hit spellsteal instead of Ice Lance (d’oh) and snagged Shadow Resistance. Later in the fight, once the warrior was dead, the priest saw his chance to one shot me with Power Word: Death. It critted me for… 4. Thats right. Power Word: Death critted me for a grand total of 4. Best partial resist ever.

2. Presence of Mind from an Arcane mage in AV. Even worse, I didn’t notice I had spell-stolen it. So I hit sheep in an effort to waste his cooldown. Imagine my shock when I cast an Instant Polymorph. I hit spellsteal again. Arcane Power? I wet myself laughing. Needless to say, I slaughtered the arcane mage.

1. Ice Block from a Dranei mage that was lagging. Thus letting my Paladin arena partner to get the killing blow, while I sat utterly confused in a block of Ice, staring in utter bamboozlety at my Ice Block button, which wasn’t on cooldown… Why does this take the #1 slot? Because a Holy Paladin got the winning blow of arena match. THAT is made of so much awesome, I cannot imagine putting it anywhere else.


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