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Courtesy of Bill Nye

Consider the following.

Tonight was patch night. 2.3 goes live, and the forums go wild.

Trainable Ice Block is in the code, but it is not implemented. Sadly, the devs are delaying this until 2.4, most likely to “rework” it to suit being a trainable skill. Warlocks were crying long and hard about how incredibly overpowered it would be that all mages would have Ice Block. Complain they did about how pointless there DoT spells would be against mages in PvP.
Somehow, they all failed to realize that any mage above 1650-1700 rating is Frost specced, and thus will have Ice Block. Thus rendering a warlocks DoT spells pointless.
If you’re complaining abotu the arcane/fire mages having Ice Block and ruining your arenas… well, you’re obviously bad enough at PvP that NOT ONLY are you unable to reach a bracket where EVERY MAGE has Ice Block, no matter what, but you have trouble fighting mages in the first place. I hate to say it, but… seriously, learn to play your warlock.
HOW is it possible for a decent ‘lock to have difficulty versus a mage? You can strip our buffs, silence us, effectively CC us for seconds at a time while still damaging us, and our only defence against your cheap, effective, instant cast, no cool-down attacks is on a 4-minute timer that we need to spec for, that even with an 8-minute cooldown (that we need to spec for), we still have to wait 30 seconds to use again.
And did I mention that you guys have far more hitpoints than any mage does?
Nonetheless, you’re whining is fruitless. We WILL get Trainable Ice Block, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Healers everywhere are cursing under their breath at the incredible boon to dps raiders that was axed for this patch. I’ve covered in previous posts how incredibly awesome Ice Block is in any raid/instance environment.
It solves a lot of headaches, makes the healers job far easier, and reduces a great deal of strain from the raid as a whole.
If you can’t understand that, you’ve never been in a situation where a squishy was at risk.
If you aren’t frost, your survival options are as follows:

So you see the problem?

Coefficient taxes are gone, thus resulting in a very nice boost for frost and fire mages everywhere. I’ve already done the testing (FINALLY!) on Dr. Boom.
With a flat +damage of 500, Fireball’s DPS went up by almost 100! And a +100 dps increase in Fireball is nothing to sneeze at.
Keep in mind that excludes crits, and only takes into account a lousy spell damage of 500. Oh, and the Scorch debuff was not stacked, either.

Ritual of Refreshment is nice, but I would deeply appreciate a better name, and maybe a graphic that doesn’t look so… futuristic hard trance refreshment table. It seriously looks like their should be a large fat man in the background DJ’ing up some music that goes something like “NNtz NNtz NNtz NNtz NNtz”

And here is something incredibly overpowered that I think might get hotfixed and/or nerfed.

Are you, the blog-going reader, aware that Polymorph does not require the mage to be facing the target he is Polymorphing? There has to be Line of Sight, but the target can still be Sheeped even if it is 25 yards directly behind the mage.

Thank you.
For considering the preceding.


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