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Smite versus Fireball

I had originally intended this as a reply to Mera’s comment on raiding fire, but as I delved into the matter, I found that I had far too much information to divulge here.
The comment was thus:
“Actually, for base damage per second, smite is the base spell in the game.”

Hmm… quite a claim you’ve made there, Mera.

In my old troll days, I most likely would have replied with “rofl, nub”, but I am a respektible blooger now, and I should craft something intelligent to reply with.

So off I go to investigate this, comparing fireball to smite, to find out which of these spells is… I dunno, better I guess. (more…)

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Schnell! Schnell!

Part Dos of my epic posting about spell haste rating.

First off, I’m going to address some of the concerns brought up in the comments on the last post. Delos, the whole 15.?!?? haste rating = 1% only applies to attack speed haste rating. It is not the number for spell haste conversions, but for melee peoples like rogues and warriors. For them, its a whole new can of worms, since auto-attacks don’t actually have a cap on their haste ratings.

For spellcasters, its still 21 haste rating, sadly.

And again, I cannot stress this enough. There is NO STAT that should deter you from spell hit rating if you are under the cap. Simply put, there is no stat that is better than spell hit for DPS increases. Get spell hit capped before you even start caring about the rest of the stuff.

And Megan is definitely right. Spell Haste is a wonderful stat for PvP.

I’ve talked about it before. Mobility is one of the most important things to have in a competitive environment. If your spells take less time to cast, thats less time you’re sitting there, self-snared. The GCD be damned, if you have a Paladin casting .8 second Flashes of Light…
Well, its self explanatory. Good luck stopping that cast from getting off.

Anyhoo. Part two. (more…)

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Today we’re going to talk about spell haste, and interject every now and then with a random phrase in German.

Like so!

Ich möchte essen kinder kuh.


Spell Haste then.

It is a mechanic that effects the cast time of any given spell. For example, a 3 second fireball. If we have some spell haste, it will cast faster, taking less time to do the exact same effect. For example, we can reduce fireball to 2.8 seconds, or 2.1 seconds, depending on how much spell haste we have.

To put it quite bluntly, spell haste is an incredibly useful stat and you should kill all who stand between you and spell haste.

Think of it like spell hit. It is incredibly useful, as point by point, it provides a greater increase in DPS than the other spell stats.
Up until it gets capped, anyways. (more…)

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Ok Stop Math

So why is it, then, that people spec arcane? Why is it that when fire is so obviously the best DPS spec to get, why do people go arcane? What is it that compels people to spec into it?

Well, Arcane gives the illusion of DPS. When you first shoot something as Arcane, you see tons of damage. When you fire up your cooldowns and spam Arcane Blast, all you see are huge numbers that go unrivalled.

Quite simply, Arcane has the best burst DPS of any mage spec.

So let’s run our standard test, 500 Intellect, 1k spell damage, hit capped, 200 crit rating.

And compare Arcane/IV with Fire/IV over DPS 1 minute, all cooldowns blown :P

Max DPS: 1613.07
Average: 946.43

Max DPS: 1248.55
Average: 1138.13

In a single solid burst, fire gets its assed kicked. Running with all cooldowns, Arcane beats it out by almost a good 400 DPS!!
But as the fight draws out, Arcane’s DPS starts to falter, and fire stays consistent.

And that, right there, is the difference.

Arcane can has much higher burst damage than fire could ever do, but fire has sustained damage that is better than arcane could hope for.

And thus concludes my random posts comparing fire and arcane. For the time being, anyways.

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More Math!

Today I am going to compare the DPS capacity of an arcane mage with Tier 5 compared to one without.

First off, the set bonus from having two pieces of the Tier 5 magey gear increases the damage dealt by Arcane Blast by 20%.

So let’s have a looksie at some math, kk? We’re going to do 50/0/11 arcane/IV spec.

(Assuming 550 base Intellect, hit capped, crit rating of 200, and + damage of 1k for each school. Essentially rough approximations of where mages would be at given average Tier 5 content)
For this DPS test, we will use this spell rotation: Arcane Blastx3, Arcane Missiles, and then a frostbolt. Starting the next Arcane Blast timed just so to get the minimum cast time, and ending the spell at the end of the rotation to get minimum mana cost at well.

DPS without Tier 5 set bonus : 919.56.
(If we blow all cooldowns and simply spam Arcane Blast, and mana be damned, we achieve a maximum DPS of 1631.35. We can only keep it up for about 15 seconds, but there ya go)

Now, if we get two pieces of Tier 5

DPS with Tier 5 set bonus: 1008.70
(Again, if we blow all cooldowns and simply spam Arcane Blast, and mana be damned, we can achieve a max DPS of 1957.62. Again, we can only do that for about 15 seconds)

So. If we get two pieces of Tier 5, thats a DPS increase of 9%.

9 Bloody percent. That is incredibly huge.

If the number doesn’t seem that big, consider that if you simply spam Arcane Blast, you’re looking at a DPS increase of, in essence, 20%. (Math shows 17%, but that is still huge).

Consider that with icy Veins in the game, that a ton of mages will be dumping eleven points into Frost for, essentially, a 3% DPS increase.

Jumping that number by 9% is just absolutely incredible. You simply cannot say no to that.

Or can you?

Comparing Arcane/IV DPS to Fire/IV DPS, considering Tier 5. Let’s see what happens.
And for shits and giggles, lets assume you have The Lightning Capacitor.

Arcane/IV DPS: 1068.97

Fire/IV DPS: 1130.15

Wait…. what?

Why is fire still ahead of the game by 5.5%?

Simple. Fire mages have Molten Fury.


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Zen Have a Nap!

Time to Theorycraft!

But I am le tired…

Zen have a nap!


So, I’m going to use this primarly to theeorycraft. This is entirely for myself, and I am studying the effects of crit rating on theoretical DPS numbers given a variety of specs. The specs that shall be tested are as follows:
Arc/Pyro – Deep arcane, and deep enough into fire to get Pyroblast
Arc/IV – Deep arcane, and deep enough into frost to get Icy Veins
Arc Frost – Deep(ish) arcane, and about 21 points into Frost for the awesome crit talents and Icy Veins
Fire – standard 10/48/3 thing
Fire/IV – Deep fire, but with 11 in frost to get Icy Veins
Deep Frost – Water Elemental deep in frost

On with the Theoriorizing!

We shall be making the following assumptions:
Base Intellect of 500.
No buffs at all outside of self buffs. (Arcane Intellect and Molten Armor)
Hit capped in all scenarios.
Base spell damage of 1000 for all schools.
Assuming Fight Duration of 9 minutes (considering raid boss fights, this number is about damn average)

At a crit rating of Zero:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 903.17
Arc/IV = 922.30
Arc Frost = 997.88
Fire = 1044.40
Fire/IV = 1066.21
Deep Frost = 1052.75

HIGHEST DPS = Deep fire with Icy Veins. Deep Frost is beating out Deep Fire at this point.

At a crit rating of 100:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 930.88
Arc/IV = 949.44
Arc Frost = 1036.01
Fire = 1082.90
Fire/IV = 1105.52
Deep Frost = 1086.17

Highest DPS remains Deep fire with Icy Veins. Arcane is getting it’s butt kicked.

At a crit rating of 200:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 976.59
Arc/IV = 958.59
Arc Frost = 1074.13
Fire = 1121.70
Fire/IV = 1145.13
Deep Frost = 1119.59

Fire with Icy Veins is still the highest DPS. Deep Fire has overcome frost for DPS.

At a crit rating of 300:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 986.30
Arc/IV = 1003.74
Arc Frost = 1112.26
Fire = 1160.79
Fire/IV = 1185.03
Deep Frost = 1153.00

Let’s do another, at 400 crit rating:

At a crit rating of 400:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 1014.01
Arc/IV = 1030.88
Arc Frost = 1150.38
Fire = 1200.17
Fire/IV = 1225.24
Deep Frost = 1186.42

Hmm. No matter what the crit rating is, Fire is always on top. At about 1k spell damage, mind you, which is about where Tier 4/5 ish mages will be.

Let’s do something ridiculous, and do 2ooo crit rating, just for fun:

At a crit rating of 2000:
(Produced DPS numbers)
Arc/Pyro = 1388.32
Arc/IV = 1398.61
Arc Frost = 1673.18
Fire = 1767.90
Fire/IV = 1804.83
Deep Frost = 1593.93

Why did I do all this?

Mostly I was out to prove that no matter what you’re crit rating was, fire would still be the superior damage dealer. And I was hella right.
Assuming identical gear, and the only variation being the amount of crit rating, which would come out on top? Fire, or Frost?
The numbers speak for themselves. Fire wins.

And Arcane cannot even contend.


No matter what your crit rating is, Fire will STILL be able to output more damage than Frost.

And before you ask, yes, this does take into calculations the Water Elemental, the new Icy Veins, Winter’s Chill, all that good stuff.

Fire wins. ‘Nuff said.

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